Intimate Fall Colors

These images are a little different than past posts.  They are of a more intimate, smaller scale.  Some times in the hubbub of urban life we miss the small patches of brightness hat can enhance our lives.  These small items are all around us and, even if we aren't consciously aware of them, they tend to brighten our day.  One of the tasks that I believe photographers have is to notice these small patches of brightness and bring them to our attention.  The easiest season to do this is in the spring and fall.  

The spring because the greens of new plants seem so much more vibrant that any other part of the year.  That green combined with the burst of liveliness from spring flowers seems to demand that we be alive.  

In the fall the colors of the dying leaves and flowers are so arresting.  Take those colors and combine them with the unique characteristics of the afternoon sunlight and very special images arise.  Images that hold the weight of the season and remind us of the glories of the past summer and spring.