Intimate Fall Colors

These images are a little different than past posts.  They are of a more intimate, smaller scale.  Some times in the hubbub of urban life we miss the small patches of brightness hat can enhance our lives.  These small items are all around us and, even if we aren't consciously aware of them, they tend to brighten our day.  One of the tasks that I believe photographers have is to notice these small patches of brightness and bring them to our attention.  The easiest season to do this is in the spring and fall.  

The spring because the greens of new plants seem so much more vibrant that any other part of the year.  That green combined with the burst of liveliness from spring flowers seems to demand that we be alive.  

In the fall the colors of the dying leaves and flowers are so arresting.  Take those colors and combine them with the unique characteristics of the afternoon sunlight and very special images arise.  Images that hold the weight of the season and remind us of the glories of the past summer and spring.  

The First Post

Finally, I am setting up a site to use the DenverCool domain name.  I have had this domain for a number of years and have not even thought about it until recently.  Setting up this site to display my photography kills two birds with one stone.  The first bird is the utilization of this asset.  The second is the display, in public, of some of my photography.   Here in will be displayed some of my favorite images of Denver and the surroundings.  In addition there will be images of a more intimate nature, close ups of images that have intrigued me or caused my to stop and take notice.

My primary goal with the DenverCool domain is to display photographs that I have taken in and around Denver.  Many of these will show why I have enjoyed living in Denver specifically and Colorado more generally.  There have been many surprises in Denver that I would not have expected for an urban area of its size.  This site will help inspire me to continue exploring the area and finding the gems that make Denver so interesting.

Initially this will be a very dynamic site as I play with different styles, designs and formats.  I will also be adding to the photos on a regular basis.  First from the reservoir of images that I have collected over the past few years and then from photographic expeditions to the different places that I discover or find interesting.   Additional pages and "galleries" will be added as the number of photos displayed warrant.  It should be interesting to see how this site changes over time.