Our Goal

We want to show some of the photographs that we have taken in and around Denver so that others can see some of what we do and, perhaps, start taking the time to appreciate the beauty that immediately surrounds them.  This site is going to start small and grow.  Initially we will be posting photos from our library of images. 

As we continue to explore Denver and its environs we will be adding galleries of photos of other sites.  I don't see us exhausting the cool sites of Denver any time soon

About Us


We are father-daughter team that tend to lug around cameras, capturing any images that draw our interest.


Steve Eckes, the father, has lived in and around Denver over twenty of the last thirty years.  He has only recently taken up photography seriously for the second time.  The first time when he was more interested in the stars and space than what was happening on earth. Before family and business consumed so much of his time. 

This time around there are images much closer to home that are striking his fancy.  What he finds particularly interesting is the way the light changes appearances and the little things that we so often miss in the hustle and bustle of every day life. 

While continuing to learn the art of photography he is also learning the habit of stopping to smell the roses and appreciate what is right in front of him.  It is in these practices that he has found so much of interest in and around Denver.


Elizabeth (Lizzie) Eckes, the daughter, has been taking photographs for most of her life.  The moment she discovered that her parents smart phones could be used a camera she was off to the races.  She has an eye for color and lines and can often see a beautifully composed image that most people will walk right by, or even consider ugly. 

She has lived all of her life in Colorado, spending most of it in the southern part of the state around Trinidad.  Still she has spent many a weekend in Denver, with her dad, catching the sites.